Taking care of business

18 12 2013

Well where do I start…

Just said to someone I would make a blogpost so looked up my old account, i like everyone else thought would join the commotion of blogging back in 2010.
Low and behold that was my last blog post.
Well a lot has changed in that time for me personally and business wise.

Just post my last My Latitude post, I had an offer to sell my business. This came to fruition and 3 a bit years later, I am now back self employed working for myself.

They save if you have done it once you can do it again.

Now over the past couple of months I have learnt a lot about myself and the industry I have spent my working life in.

Notably if you put into the industry you will get a lot back out of it, having spent a bit of time on various industry bodies, and more recently helping out with getting @Georabble up and going.
The one part I have noticed is how hard it is to get others engaged in this process. We all have what we think are busy lives, going to work, sporting commitments and of course family. But at some stage we should make some time to give back.

Volunteering comes in all forms, whether it be helping with a local charity, industry bodies or groups like the Scouts. We should all find the time to give and the time will give bag more than you think.

With a bit more time on my hands I am giving a hand 2 3 very different and diverse companies.
2 are companies my siblings are working in and on so that in itself is a miracle (my mothers words) but helping out family for which they did for me during ten years of running my own business, I thought it time I should help them.
The other business is a geo startup, where a young guy has a concept and is attempting to get it off the ground. So this covers 2 key things for me, my passion in the spatial community and doing a bit of business mentoring.

Well back to me and my plans for a moment. I have some and in 2014 I will be posting some more.

Stay tuned though for a more recent post about job titles….






Take care of yourself

1 06 2010

My Latitude these days is towards the interest of crowd sourced content updates for spatial datasets.

I read with interest (see article) about the increase in the lack of common sense people are using when utilising services such as online directions, maps on phones and personal navigation devices.

Why can’t people take responsibility for their own stupidity…really…”Walk down Highway X for 5klms (just watch for the cars in the lane next to you and by the way while your at it you shouldn’t have jumped that sound barrier to follow the directions so closely!)”.

Do people not look and go “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be here”. I am often used as a personal navigation device myself (don’t snigger) where by those friends without some sort of spatial intellect (the gets lost often type) ring up from their phone and say, “I am on Smith street in Paddo, how do I get to the Rocks?”

They do tend to use a computer generated report or directions these days but most often will use some common sense (that is MOST of them) to steer themselves clear of any danger.

The big story that does keep popping up is how often data is updated and the use of crowd sourcing to achieve these updates.

I am going to follow this with interest as some Government agencies look at how crowd sourcing could assist in this area and compete with the likes of Navteq and other content providers.

How reliant are we on other poeples ideas and changes and how much do you trust your ‘spatial expert’ supplying the new details.

Till next time, and I promise to make it more regular.


Why My Latitude?

8 03 2010

The words have started.
As an avid Twitterer and with mates blogging away I thought it would be my turn to put a spin on things in the world that we live.

As a constant traveller with a new favourite film of “Up in the Air” my Latitude is constantly changing, along with my attitide to parts of the industry I work in.

So this blog will serve as a place to vent, add insight into my work life, and to enable the sharing of ideas.

First up together with ‘Project Spatial’ we will be blogging and tweeting during FIG2010 in Sydney April 10-16 2010. So come say hi.

Look forward to throwing out a few more words during the coming weeks.